Tips for Building the Perfect Home Movie Room

Control Ambient Light

Ambient light is unwanted light. Ambient light means light from sources outside of the movie room, like light coming from windows, under and around doors, and from artificial light within the room.

With most home remodeling, you’re always trying to add more natural light. Home movie rooms are spaces where you want to do the exact opposite. You want less light, not more.

Light-bleed kills video projection images. Even flat screens, which are far brighter, benefit from lower room lighting.

On the video projector side, you will need a projector with a high lumens rating if you have some ambient light that you cannot control. But the best way to deal with ambient light is simply to stop it before it starts, by choosing a space that already has little light, such as a basement. If you cannot do this, limit the light with light-blocking curtains and shades.

With its multitude of flashing and static light displays, your movie room’s A/V stack is often the main source of ambient light. Building a closed-off, ventilated A/V room will take care of all of that unwanted light.